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Touchstone Snails’ mission is to let more people take advantage of the lucrative, new business opportunity that snail breeding offers.

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Breeding Snails -“New Business activity”


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K Invest Consulting with the cooperation and supervision of Touchstone Snail Technologies is currently offering international investment opportunities in snail farming industry

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Vangelis Snails Tastes

Interested in snails’ products? View our innovative snail based products based on traditional recipes.

Vangelis Snails Tastes

Snail Processing

Where to buy snails? Interested in canned snails? Learn how live snails for sale become raw material for cooked foods.

Snails Processing

Snail Breeding

If you sign a contract with Touchstone Snails, we provide you with advanced expertise for proper snail farming management. What’s more, we offer you a purchase agreement contract, under which, we agree to purchase your entire snail production at the best market price. 

Snail Production

Touchstone Snails partakes in the intra-Community trade. We’re the first and only company to export snails to Europe, that have been obtained from snail-farming businesses that Touchstone Snails provides.


Snailbreeding Client Testmonial - Yiannos

This is an alternative type of business; in the current difficult times is the antidote to the crisis. Before the decision is being made we looked into it a lot and identified some key elements that influenced us positively: The disposal of production is guaranteed and is not based in the Cypriot market which besides the crisis that has been suffered, is also very small.                        ...


Snailbreeding Client Testmonial - Katerina

I’m Katerina from Corfu, Greece. In 2010 I was laid off. Despite searching for opportunities everywhere, I couldn’t land a decent job. The very few options I came across were discouraging; Read More...


Snailbreeding Client Testmonial - Achilleas

This is Achilleas. For two years I was unemployed despite thoroughly looking for an opportunity. Everyone was turning me down. Thanks to my children who’ve chipped in, I can now run my own snailery and have substantial revenue. Thanks Touchstone Snails for being there for us....


Snailbreeding Client Testmonial - Eva

This is Eva. Touchstone Snails help by built my very own business. My dad was unemployed for some time and was searching for a job without much luck. Now, we run our own business and my dad has a snailery....


Snailbreeding Client Testmonial - Athanasios

After researching the market I came across Touchstone Snails. I talked with Touchstone Snails associates and I was convinced they are a prestigious company. I cannot describe how at peace I feel knowing that at any time Touchstone Snails is a phone call away. They’re always willing to help you out. I highly recommended Touchstone Snails for anyone eager and able to enter the snail farming business...


Snailbreeding Client Testmonial - Costas

My name is Costas, I live in a rather isolated village where employment opportunities are rare. Snail farming was the solution I was looking for. Today, I run my own snailery and I didn’t even have to move out from where I live. Thanks Touchstone Snails for your help....


Snailbreeding Client Testmonial - Stelios

Thanks to Touchstone Snails’ help I was able to turn a deserted pig farm into a state-of-the-art snail farm that pays well. Stelios...


Snailbreeding Client Testmonial - Dimitris

My brother and I built our own snailery. We got advice from people who lacked the expertise and knowledge necessary for snail farming and for two years we didn’t have any snail production. Touchstone Snails took charge and helped us through improvement changes to make our snailery sustainable and profitable. Dimitris....


Snailbreeding Client Testmonial - Yiorgos

This is Yiorgos. Touchstone Snails built for me a snail farming business of 1000m2. Today, I can pass to my children a business that can increase their revenue....


Snailbreeding Client Testmonial - Yiorgos

I’ve retired earlier by choice. I wanted to establish my own business. I sought out Touchstone Snails which undertook the building of my snail farming business. All I had to do is get the facility’s keys from them. Yiorgos...