Snail breeding training

A comprehensive educational program for anyone interested in snail farming and everything you need to know.

The expertise in snail breeding is very important, to get the right and required results in our production. Appropriate knowledge provides the breeder with knowledge of management and procedures during the snail production cycle.

Get the training for the daily operation of a snail breeding unit!

Our training services are provided in accordance with the procedures followed by our company based on ISO 9001:2015 standards. 

Information about the educational programs:

  • Consulting Services for the construction and management of snail breeding units and snail trading.
  • The training lasts 15 hours and is provided online through the zoom and Microsoft team platforms.
  • The interested party can choose the 3 days he will attend the training for 5 hours a day as well as the time he wants to devote to the training.
  • Education is offered in Greek and English language.
  • The training includes the provision of know-how, presentations, photos and videos.
  • A certificate of training is offered by Touchstone for the specific program.

Learn everything you need for a successful production cycle from the experts in snail farming!